Valencia and Miami-based Next Tier Ventures announces new VC fund for AI startups

- May 10, 2023

As venture capital investment in AI continues to soar, Valencia and Miami-based Next Tier Ventures launches a new vehicle to invest in AI startups in Europe, the U.S. and Latam.

This new player entering the scene is led by Patricia Pastor and Ruben Colomer.

Next Tier Ventures aims to build a strategic bridge between Valencia and Miami to facilitate the growth of AI startups and help them go global from the start. 

Pastor, as well as Colomer, have a strong track record in the tech scene, having created and invested in many successful projects in the past. 

They decided to join forces and bet fully on AI because they think this tech is going to become the real game changer. 

“We have always liked to ride the coming wave and we have already surfed a few but this one is going to profoundly impact our lifestyle, our economy, it is going to be a paradigm shift and this bet is to live it from its beginnings, which gives us an advantage,” says Patricia Pastor, founder and GP of Next Tier Ventures.

According to the founders of Next Tier Ventures, AI is a huge long-term investment opportunity, as it has the potential to transform entire industries, i.e. all sectors are going to be impacted by advances in this field.

“After 5 years investing in Artificial Intelligence, and seeing the new generative AI startups emerging, we realize that the impact will be as big as the Internet in the ’90s, and we want to be part of this new future,” says Ruben Colomer, co-founder and GP of Next Tier Ventures.

The AI club

Another interesting thing about Next Tier Ventures is its Next Tier Club. 

This community will provide members with access to an exclusive portfolio, business trips, and a powerful network of investors and advisors on a global scale.

Its partners are founders and professionals from the entrepreneurial, technology, and investment ecosystem with offices in Valencia, Miami, Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, New York, and Miami.

Along with Patricia Pastor and Ruben Colomer, the club includes an experienced team of professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and investors such as Diego Moya, Fernando Óñiga, Javier Capucci, and Federico Vázquez.