The Opentop Incubation Program starts with 4 selected startups to disrupt the port-logistics industry

- October 10, 2022

Opentop – the open innovation hub of Valenciaport (a research center working towards innovation in the port-logistics industry) – launched its first incubation program with 4 startups looking to disrupt and solve the challenges within the sector. 

The initiative led by Fundación Valenciaport with the support of Telefónica Open Future, received a great reception in the national and international entrepreneurship ecosystem as more than 50 startups applied for the program. Nonetheless, after a preselection of 12 startups and a “Pitch Day” celebrated on September 22, only 4 were admitted to the program. 

The startups of the I Opentop Incubation Program

To be part of the Opentop Incubation Program, the startups were classified according to the 4 challenges the jurors identified and how their solution could solve them. The challenges were: How to bring the port closer to the citizens through gamification; Container of the future creation; How to move towards a zero-net emissions port; and How to improve the information exchange between the logistic chain stakeholders. 

For the first challenge,  Metric Salad was chosen. Its solution, MetaPort, is an extended reality product that allows the ports to make their activities known through interactive and immersive activities (showrooms, 360º contents, augmented reality, etc.). Thanks to this initiative, every port of the world will be able to have its own metaverse supported by a blockchain net, which the user can access as both a citizen and corporate user.

Regarding the 2nd challenge, the selected startup was Desafío en Azul. Its solution Recontainer, a container format with three uses: recyclables, reusables, and economic returnables. The final objective of this project is to give a sustainable exit to the containers avoiding the issues that its accumulation produces in port and industrial zones and the relocalization of empty containers.

For the 3rd challenge on zero-net emissions port, the startup We Are Lab was selected. Its service, Nereidas Valenciaport, is focused on the regeneration of marine biodiversity in commercial and sports ports through artificial reefs made through 3D printing, with biochar, the only material that comes from biomass with a negative carbon footprint.

Finally, in the 4th and last challenge, Code Contract and its solution Trackline were chosen. Trackline is a digital solution that coordinates every stakeholder of the chain requesting and collecting information in an automated way. Every action is registered in a blockchain network to guarantee the data’s immutability. Thanks to the use of these disruptive technologies, they achieve complete traceability of the chain assuring transparency in the exchange of information and, at the same time, guaranteeing the privacy and security of the data.

The future of an industry

The four selected startups will have access for 3 months to a personalized program, in which through a variety of expert qualified mentors in the logistic-port industry, as well as mentors in business, sales, and communication, the startups will have the opportunity to maximize their media impact and develop their projects. But the program doesn’t stop there as the incubated startups will have access to both the companies of the Port of Valencia cluster to validate their initiatives, and the investment ecosystem of Telefónica Open Future to find funding opportunities. 

Opentop will continue its work and objective of boosting open innovation in the logistic-port sector. In the next few weeks, the initiative will launch the I Call for the Acceleration Program, designed to develop the growth of startups and projects in more advanced stages, with new challenges to which the startups of the ecosystem will be able to present their solutions.