Startupxplore will invest in startups from Spain’s top 8 accelerators

- September 25, 2018

Startupxplore announces it will invest in startups from eight of Spain’s leading accelerators including Ship2B, SeedRocket, Demium Startups, Lanzadera, Conector, IMPACT, Plug and Play, and Tetuan Valley.

startupxplore spain accelerators

Karel Escobar

Under the agreement, Startupxplore will analyze startups from each accelerator to make sure they meet the proper criteria for investment, El Referente reported on Tuesday.

“We will anticipate the financing needs of startups, knowing them before they finish their acceleration programs in order to establish a relationship of trust, and be present when they need financing,” said Karel Escobar, Dealflow Manager at Startupxplore in a statement.

Registered investors in Startupxplore will be able to access more innovative companies on the ground floor, and continue participating in great investment opportunities with access to the startups from the eight accelerators:

With this step, Startupxplore wants to help even more the national startups to raise financing to continue growing and developing after passing through an accelerator, one of the crucial financing points of any startup.

startupxplore spain accelerators

Quino Fernández

“Having Startupxplore as a collaborator is very positive for accelerated startups in our programs as it will represent an added help in the search for investment and one more way to achieve it,” said Quino Fernández, CEO of Conector in a statement.

During the acceleration period, startups enjoy access to support, mentoring and, often, financing to develop their ideas and put their product or service on the market; but at the end of the program they need a new economic boost to keep growing and scale up their business.

The main challenge of startups is to move from being a project to a growing company, and for that they need to have access to the best financing channels. This is where Startupxplore comes into play.

“It is important to know the aids and entities that can make your startup grow, improve and become known to corporations, investors and agents in their sector. We are delighted to be able to join Startupxplore,” said a spokesperson from Plug and Play via El Referente.

There is currently a gap between the completion of the program and the time they close an investment round, and Startupxplore wants to accelerate that process.

At this moment Startupxplore is preparing new lines of collaboration with regional, corporate and vertical accelerators to continue offering its investors interesting investment opportunities.

Last month Travel startup Triporate set a new record by exceeding targets and raising €266,000 on the platform Startupxplore within only one hour.

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The funds come from a total of 36 investors that helped to exceed the its initial target of €225,000, and generated waiting lists of investors, business news report.

A total of €524.9 million was invested in Spanish startups in the month of August, including a single investment of €430 million in Letgo, according to a report by El Referente.

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Without the €430 million invested in Letgo, the figures on the month would have been €94.9 million; however, thanks to the boost in investment to Letgo, August became the month with the largest investments in Spanish startups this year.

Tim Hinchliffe

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