Startupxplore launches training course on how to invest in startups

- October 17, 2018

Startupxplore launches an online training course for investing in startups to teach investors how to invest well and create a diversified portfolio.

All online classes will be in video format and will be accompanied by tools and supporting material, which will accompany each lesson. Interesting investors can learn comfortably from home at their own pace over the course of a year.

Who is the Startupxplore startup investment training course for?

There is a lot of interest in investing in startups, but there is a lack of training to do it with more guarantees. That is why Startupxplore prepared a course that is mainly aimed at:

  • Business angels who want to deepen the knowledge necessary to obtain the desired returns
  • Managers of family offices or asset advisors who have never before embarked on investing in startups
  • Entrepreneurs and business managers who want to start investing, following a business approach to risk analysis.

Why now?

Our investors had been demanding more training on how to invest better

Startupxplore often sees nonprofessional investors launching themselves into this world without even minimal knowledge, such as knowing what part of their assets they should allocate to investment in startups, how a startup is valued, how to make a product, legalities, financial analyses, and what increases the risk of a type of investment that is already risky, although with great potential.

Investment in startups is an exciting activity, but there are a number of elements that can complicate the process, such as the amount of technical vocabulary or the complexity of analyzing the companies.

This investment course in startups was born with the purpose of clearing all these doubts and giving investors the knowledge and tools they need to create a well-balanced portfolio.

It is a course where not only will they have access to a series of technical knowledge, but they will also have tools that will be useful throughout their lives as investors.

What is the Startupxplore startup investment course agenda?

Startupxplore will cover the entire investment process in 7 sessions:

  1. Introduction to investment in startups: What are the reasons for investing in startups? How is liquidity obtained? Know the main risks and ways to mitigate them, which are the phases in which to invest in a startup and what you can expect from your investment.
  2. Before investing: Learn to design an investment strategy that fits your profile, to know how much of your assets you should allocate to this asset, how to achieve the optimal level of diversification, and what criteria will help you minimize risks.
  3. Analysis of investment operations: Do you know what impact a good analysis can have before investing? You will learn what you have to set yourself from the legal, financial, market, product, team and business point of view; as well as methods to value the startup.
  4. Investment process: How is an investment process from end to end? When and how do you have to negotiate the partners’ agreement? Know the importance of the termsheet and how to plan what we want to do.
  5. Investment monitoring and support: Know what information you should ask the founders to track your investee, how you can provide value as an investor, and how to calculate your investment portfolio.
  6. Follow-on rounds: Learn all about dilution: how it works, how to calculate it and how it can affect you. Also know when you should accompany in later rounds.
  7. Disinvestment: What are the fiscal consequences of investing and disinvesting in startups? What types of divestments are there? Meet the exit by VC / private equity, an IPO and the exit by company sale; besides the disinvestment with losses and with capital gains.

Startupxplore has spent years investing in startups, with several thousand startups analyzed and more than €5.25 million invested in 22 companies. In addition, it has a team of analysts who study new investment opportunities every day, and its main objective is that investors learn to create a well-balanced and diversified portfolio.

Last month Startupxplore announced it would invest in startups from eight of Spain’s leading accelerators including Ship2B, SeedRocket, Demium Startups, Lanzadera, Conector, IMPACT, Plug and Play, and Tetuan Valley.

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Registered investors in Startupxplore will be able to access more innovative companies on the ground floor, and continue participating in great investment opportunities with access to the startups from the eight accelerators:

With this step, Startupxplore wants to help even more the national startups to raise financing to continue growing and developing after passing through an accelerator, one of the crucial financing points of any startup.

Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.