Spanish tech news: 29/3/2017

- March 29, 2017
Startup funding news ?
  • ApetEat, a food delivery startup that caters to businesses, raised €200,000 from undisclosed investors
Startup exits ? 
  • Spanish mobile marketing startup Mobusi acquired Madrid-based Upplication. Upplication is a SaaS product to easily create and publish mobile apps. Terms of the deal were not disclosed
Startup news ?
  • El Referente has an interview with Jose Luis Martinez, CEO and co-founder of Hundredrooms. The company announced this week a new round of funding of €4 million led by Seaya Ventures
  • ChipiApp is a an app that allows users to compare transportation services (Cabify, Car2go, Uber) on the go
  • How Panini is adapting its traditional business of football collectible cards (cromos) to a digital and mobile world
Big tech news ?
  • Telefonica’s Digital Chief, Mariano de Beer, talked about the company’s ‘fourth platform’, Aura, at an event in Madrid. He didn’t give any more interesting details about the initiative and the company has still not officially explained how they plan to monetise the platform
  • Bolsamania published a summary of the first 12 months of Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete as CEO and president of Telefonica
  • Tesla is looking to hire 12 more people in Spain, mostly at technical ad operational positions associated with the delivery of cars and maintenance
Tech and policy ??‍♀️
  • Spain has no plans to restrict the use of tablets and laptops during flights, according to La Vanguardia. The UK and the US have banned the used of such devices in flights coming from certain Middle Eastern countries
Interesting reads ?
  • Madrid was the Spanish region which attracted a higher number of companies (overall, not just digital/tech ones) in 2016, with a net balance of +407. Cataluña posted the worst balance in the country, with -279

Jaime Novoa

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