Solarmente lands a €50 million record-breaking investment from GNE Finance

- April 14, 2023

Barcelona-based CleanTech startup Solarmente has secured a record-breaking €50 million investment from GNE Finance, a private equity firm specializing in the renewable energy market and in projects related to the energy transition.

This marks the first time a Spanish startup in the sector has secured such a significant amount of funding, a historic milestone for the Spanish energy industry.

This strategic partnership will enable Solarmente to install 10,000 solar systems in homes across Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Alicante over the next four years.

The innovative solar energy subscription model offered by Solarmente eliminates the initial investment barrier for customers and allows them to immediately benefit from the economic and environmental advantages of solar energy.

Solarmente’s CEO and co-founder, Wouter Draijer, believes that this agreement will be a real game-changer for the future of sustainable energy in Spain.

“The investment from GNE Finance will help homeowners to make a real impact in the fight against climate change while benefiting from significant savings on their energy bills from day one”, adds.

Record in emissions-saving

Solarmente has experienced a 400% growth in sales over the last year, generating savings of over 500 tons of CO2 emissions.

The Barcelona-based CleanTech startup offers a comprehensive service to users who want to transition to clean energy, from the installation of solar panels and batteries to home electrification and energy management, all in a smart subscription with no upfront cost.

Solarmente’s success in securing such a significant investment is a testament to the growing demand for clean energy solutions and the potential for startups to drive the energy transition.

With GNE Finance’s support, Solarmente is well-positioned to lead the charge in making sustainable energy accessible and affordable for homeowners in Spain and beyond.

The founder and CEO of GNE Finance, Davide Cannarozzi, emphasized that their mission is to support companies and projects that accelerate the leap towards a zero-emission economy and a more sustainable world for future generations.

He sees the energy transition as the most significant economic opportunity of the 21st century, and GNE Finance is committed to being a catalyst for Solarmente’s growth and leadership in the sector in Spain and Europe.