Edward Cullen has big dreams for the world’s first faith-based token

- May 2, 2024

The rapid rise of Web3 and AI tech, and the consequential impact in the adoption of the technologies, is looking to leave no domain unturned.

The economic potential of the technologies are hard to deny. AI could add up to $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy, according to a McKinsey report published last year.

At the same time, an area of impact that remains chronically overlooked is faith-based action. How can Web3 and AI, working alongside faith-based and ESG organizations, tackle humanitarian challenges?

Crescite, the world’s first faith-based token, was founded to play a role here. Its Crescite Protocol was started as an effort towards a decentralized financing model that is based on principles of faith. The organization believes that through its protocol, it can align a community that serves the higher purpose for humanity in a new and profound way.

Through its engagement with communities, impact-related investment directives, and innovative technology applications, the organization is looking to create a global network of profitable, yet impactful economic activity.

Crescite is led by CEO Edward Cullen and Chairman Karl Kilb (featured alongside SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce in the featured photo). Cullen is a startup ecosystem builder who was the Director of Fordham University’s incubator program. He also led operations for Grand Central Tech – one of New York leading incubators – and worked with President Biden’s presidential campaign and later ran for Mayor of NYC. 

His background in early-stage tech startups and government policies gives him a unique perspective on the ways that GovTech solutions can deliver change at the grassroots level and the sizeable potential that Web 3.0 offers for the future.  

Crescite’s Chairman Karl Kilb was the first General Counsel of Bloomberg LP, helping to build its global legal department and pioneering data aggregation, analytics, electronic trading, and multimedia content development and distribution during 22 years at Bloomberg.

He is also the founder and Chairman of Fordham University School of Law Entrepreneurial Law Advisory Council, teaching Entrepreneurial Law. 

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