Conector Galicia accelerator announces its 1st Fintech startup competition

- November 23, 2017

Spanish accelerator Conector announces its first fintech startup competition in Galicia, and the winner will receive a “Fast Track” to the next Conector Galicia accelerator program.

The cutoff date to apply is November 24 and the startup competition will take place on November 29.

Participating startups will have five minutes to pitch their companies in front of a panel of judges and an additional five minutes for questions and answers.

The competition is looking for established startups with clear leadership in the fintech sector that demonstrate innovation, scalability, and global ambition.

Conector Galicia is looking for startups that work in the following areas of fintech:

Banking: Projects focused on the digitization of banking processes: oficina3.0, mobile banking, means of payment, etc.
Financial Management: Projects focused on financial management: cryptocurrencies, iPOS, ICOS, crowdfunding, etc.
Big Data: Projects focused on interaction with customers and data processing: Scoring, Social Media, loyalty, etc.
Insurance: Projects focused on the insurance sector: platforms, new segments, digitization, personalization, etc.
Regulation: Projects focused on financial regulation: regtech

The winners will be able to participate in Conector Galicia’s next acceleration program where they will have access to

  • Up to € 20,000 of initial financing
  • Mentorship
  • The possibility of presenting to investors on DemoDay
  • Perks valued at more than €100k
  • Free work offices throughout the acceleration program
  • Weekly training sessions
  • Access to one of the best entrepreneurship ecosystems in the country

According to Fast Company, “Hackathons, accelerators, and incubators have become part of the toolkit for companies, as leaders experiment with the right formula for systematically building agility into their operations.”

While not all accelerators produce the same results, choosing which program best suits a startup’s needs requires diligent consideration. Factors such as location, funding, networking, and specialization vs. generalization all play a key role in the decisions of an entrepreneur.

The Conector accelerator has all the above with access to added benefits including:

• Paypal Blueprint services valued at $ 50,000
• Amazon WebServices products valued at $ 35,000
• Microsoft BizSpark programs valued at $ 10,000
• Being a part of one of the largest entrepreneurship ecosystems in Spain
• Support in legal services
• Training sessions by mentors and specialized professionals
• Being in touch with the most important investors and VCs in Spain

Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.