11 Catalonia-based startups to be accelerated by IMPACT’s ‘Acelera Startups’ program 

- May 22, 2024

This wave of promising Catalan startups will receive support that includes personalized mentoring focused on boosting the growth and development of their projects, and networking to strengthen their businesses, among other benefits.

Following the April announcement of a similar program in Madrid, IMPACT Accelerator from ISDI business school has announced that it has selected 11 Catalonian startups to join their Barcelona ‘Acelera Startups‘ program. 

IMPACT’s Acelera Startups program provides free startup acceleration thanks to support from  Spain’s School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and financing from the NextGenerationEU fund from the European Commission in the framework of the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Government of Spain.

The program is part of a larger initiative from IMPACT associated with Acelera Startups, which is divided into four programs: 

  • A regional program in Madrid
  • This regional program in Catalonia
  • A Spain-wide program for startups innovating in Mobility
  • And a Spain-wide program for startups innovating in the Telecommunications and Digital Business sectors.

The 11 selected Catalan startups are companies that are innovating in diverse industries, from food to transportation, and will benefit from a complete, 100% subsidized and customized acceleration program developed by IMPACT Accelerator, which will last for five months during which IMPACT Accelerator will provide support in areas such as investor funding, business model development, new customer acquisition and partnerships with large companies. 

The program will grant 54 hours of workshops and group activities, as well as 40 hours of one-on-one mentoring focused on driving the growth and development of each project, along with networking opportunities and access to funding. 

“Catalonia’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is reflected in these 11 promising projects that represent the region’s dynamism and capacity for innovation,” said Jesus Tapia, Director of IMPACT Accelerator. “With the support of the EOI and funding from EU Next Generation funds, these will receive the essential tools for their development and expansion. IMPACT’s strong network of investors, experts from various industries, and corporate partners are committed to accompanying these visionaries with a promising future in their business growth, and supporting them in their incorporation into the Catalan entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Below you can see the list of startups that will be part of the regional program ‘Acelera Startups’ in Catalonia:

  • Lane Patrol: With data-driven insights, Lane Patrol offers a fast and effective solution to analyze the safety of any existing or future cycling infrastructure, allowing to identify potential risks and implement improvements.
  • Hatched: Hatched implements new emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, along with cloud-based management solutions, to simplify the management of startups, as well as provide transparent and professional data to investors.
  • Waitser: Waitser is a digital platform to hire extra qualified personnel in the HORECA sector. Using technology, it saves search time and facilitates the selection of the ideal team for each type of event, with trained and evaluated young people.
  • CHURRRS!: A company composed of Spanish churro artisans since 1962 that respects the family recipe while evolving as a business. They currently use natural and vegan ingredients, without chemicals, and they deep-freeze them with liquid nitrogen to export them to any city in the world.
  • Alt.: The company aims to take online content curation to the next level. It focuses on recommending and highlighting content produced by various creators on various platforms, to bring it to the user without having to spend hours searching for creative, interesting and cultural content.
  • Nub Freight: Intelligence platform in the supply chain and distribution network that solves problems of transportation cost control, visibility and effectiveness of operations.
  • YouPrint Fotos: YouPrint revolutionizes photo printing and photobook creation, offering an accessible and efficient solution through a personalized WhatsApp bot and artificial intelligence technology to improve image quality.
  • Harvest: A company that seeks to unite cannabis consumers and farmers to achieve a financing and sales system that favors fair remuneration for all actors involved in production and distribution.
  • Tandem Go: Tandem Go is a cooperative that offers a flexible remuneration platform to organizations in the social economy and third sector, unlocking a new way to improve the daily lives of the people in an organization.
  • Dchef: Dchef is a Data/Foodtech startup focused on promoting “cooking” at home with an innovative, quality, and disruptive format that works mainly with a monthly subscription model.
  • Scrads: Scrads enhances companies’ customer service with a cutting-edge AI-powered chatbot that provides a personalized experience through integration with CRM, ERP, APIs, and other company services.